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Producent: Wisdom Audio

Model: Wisdom Audio – SUBWOOFER STS

Typ: Zestawy głośnikowe / Subwoofery kina domowego


Wisdom Audio – SUBWOOFER STS

Wolnostojący subwoofer RTL (Regenerative Transmission Line)

The STS establishes a new benchmark in subwoofer performance. Until now, there hasn’t been a subwoofer that is capable of delivering both unsurpassed musicality, and the high SPL and accurate, extended bass desired for the ultimate in movie performance within large residential spaces. The STS’ highly efficient dual 15-inch woofers yield fast, dynamic results with accurate timbre for unsurpassed musicality. Each STS can deliver significant SPL, given its 101dB sensitivity, reaching an astonishing SPL capability of 130dB at 20 Hz.



  • Free-standing, Behind Baffle/Screen-wall, Ported into room
  • Regenerative Transmission Line® design

Key Benefits

  • Highly Detailed & Dynamically Accurate
  • (2) Custom designed high-output long-throw 15” woofers


  • Optional floor/ceiling extension port kit available for venting into a space from an adjacent room, attic, riser, ceiling, and or floor.
  • Multi-port design allows for flexibility in how the STS output is ported into the room.

More Features

  • Flat frequency response across a 20Hz-80Hz +/- 2dB operating range
  • (2) 15” High operating woofers
  • (DSP Required)
  • (1) Channel of Power Amplification Per subwoofer required



Wisdom Audio STS - subwoofer

  • Pasmo przenoszenia: 20 - 80 Hz ± 2 dB
  • Impedancja: 4 Ohm
  • Skuteczność: 101 dB / 2,83 V / 1 m
  • Moc maksymalna: 5000 W
  • Maksymalne SPL: 130 dB / 20 Hz / 1 m
  • Waga: 159 kg
  • Wymiary: 149,8 x 91,4 x 45,1 cm